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Title: Man of 1 Yen
Associated Names: 1 En no Otoko; 1円の男; 1en no Otoko; Ichien no Otoko
Author: Akiko Monden

Ryo Masaki - a very rude, good looking banker - seeks the help of the detective Keisuke Sanjo. Ryo is the first client that he has seen in a very long time. What could he need? 

English  • Dropbox  • Volume 1

Volume One (Chapters 1-3)

最纯真的梦想 已被遗忘在身旁, 跌跌撞撞 反复期望又失望

"Years after years steal something everyday; at last they steal us from ourselves away."

We will provide samples for OSTs on the blog. Please use Google Chrome and update Adobe Flash.

We hope to be fully completed by 06-12-2016 if you have any questions please read the profile section or visit our newly created link. Personal questions are acceptable.

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